How do you activate hulu?

Activate hulu on your device step by step

Before you begin Hulu Activation, you need to make sure your device is linked to your Hulu account.

If not then Link your hulu account to your device

· Press Home button on remote control.

· Find Hulu on your screen, then press enter.

· You need to sign in your hulu account with register email id and password. 

(if you don’t have hulu account or you are using the first time then click here…)

· Sign in to your account next it will ask you to go to url 


 This screen will refresh when you finish online log in.  

•    You will see device activation code that code you need to update online on the internet. 

•    Open website url: hulu.com/activate on your mobile or computer device you have

•    Now type code on the screen

Once you clicked on Activate Hulu then your TV screen will refresh and update your channel and it will activate successfully.

Hulu login will be Required.

 login utilizing a Facebook account which is prescribed for you or you can make another record. for roku you may use hulu.com/activate roku and hulu activate.

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Activatehulu - www.hulu.com/activate

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internet-based TV streaming service(Hulu) that boasts one of the largest TV show library available online today. Hulu also offers a Live TV. Activate hulu or hulu login in your hulu account with easy and simple steps.