Where is the code for Vizio to activate my device on Hulu?

Activate Hulu Plus on Vizio Smart TV

Make Sure Your Vizio Smart TV connected with your Internet connection or not. You need Internet to update your channel and app in your Vizio TV.

Step 1 : power on and press V button on remote.

Step 2 : Go to Yahoo TV store or CTV store.

Step 3 : Press on OK button and get list of available apps and find Hulu plus app 

Step 4 : Select Hulu plus app and press on OK 

Step 5 : Install app and open 

Step 6 : You will get activation code the simply go to www hulu com/activate

Step 7 : Activate your code and all channels will be download first then update.

Activate hulu on Vizio TV

Activate hulu on Vizio TV